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If you need to repair or restore one of your teeth, you may find yourself considering many options. One of these options is a dental crown. We at Black Lake Dental would love to help you understand why dental crowns are amazing and may be the absolute best choice for your smile.

Dental crowns, also informally called “caps”, are porcelain restorations that completely cover a tooth suffering from various dental issues. If your tooth suffers from a deep or painful cavity that is too large for a dental filling, consider a dental crown. A professional dental crown can also be used a chipped or cracked tooth or to cover a dental implant.

Here are some of a dental crown’s unique benefits: first, it is custom-made and can blend into your surrounding teeth, appearing to look just like your natural teeth. Second, it is durable and can last for ten years or more. Finally, it is impervious to the effects of tooth decay and will protect your natural teeth from further damage.

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