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When thinking about oral health care. it is important to focus on hazard prevention as much as brushing and flossing. Stopping problems before they occur will make it much easier to keep your smile safe. For a list of guidelines concerning tooth hazards, consider the following:

– If you insist on wearing mouth jewelry, make sure to select a safe material to use that won’t easily snag or crack your teeth.
– Grinding or clenching your teeth will damage them and can lead to jaw problems.
– Your teeth to wear down over time, and as a result, not handle tough or hard food as well as they did in the past.
– Chewing on objects like pen caps, or biting your nails increases the danger of doing microscopic, or even visible damage to your tooth enamel and gums.
– You should wear any required or recommended safety gear when working or recreating, including mouth and face guards.
– Tobacco use can cause gum disease, cancer and damage to your teeth.
– It is possible that your mouth can become severely damaged when used as a bottle or can opener.

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