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Even minor toothache pain is often related to a latent problem developing within the sensitive core of a tooth. This could include an untreated cavity that penetrates the pulp or the tooth, a dental fracture that affects the root of the tooth, or the pressure in the gums associated with a developing dental abscess.

The longer you delay in having the affected tooth examined by a reputable dentist like Dr. Eric Thiede, the more likely you are to experience severe complications.

After examining and determining the underlying cause of your toothache, Dr. Eric Thiede will present you with the most effective treatment plan. In many cases, this calls for performing a root canal to extract any compromised structures. Once this is done, Dr. Eric Thiede will perform a dental crown restoration.

In a rare case where the tooth has severely degraded or a very large dental abscess has developed in the gums, Dr. Eric Thiede might recommend that the tooth be extracted to prevent further complications. Once your gums have fully healed, he can help you understand your options for restoring the tooth.

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