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Did you know that one of the most highly sought-after treatments in dentistry remains teeth whitening treatments? Our society’s desire for whiter teeth has rapidly expanded in the last 10 years. Countless products are now available, ranging from sugarless gum to mouthwash with ingredients that tout whitening benefits. However, the most effective form of teeth whitening treatment remains professional whitening trays administered by your dentist.

Whitening treatments come in all shapes and sizes, and can even be purchased at your local grocery stores. However, not all products work the same, and not all are guaranteed to do what they claim they can. The products remain unregulated, and if are not using them correctly, can easily lead to bleached gums and damaged tooth enamel. Before using any over-the-counter product, consult with your dentist.

Professional teeth whitening treatments are so effective they can drastically improve the color of your smile with a single treatment. In addition, as an alternative to over-the-counter treatments, your dentist can prescribe for you and at-home treatment kit for minor touch-ups and treatments in the comfort of your own home. If you would like a brighter smile that is guaranteed to be safe and effective, speak with your dentist about whitening options.

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