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At Black Lake Dental, Dr. Eric Thiede and our staff have assisted many of our patients in the Olympia, Washington area brighten their smiles with the help of dental crowns or ‘caps’. In fact, there are several ways your smile can benefit from a dental crown restoration.

-Do you have unsightly teeth? Unsightly teeth benefit the most from a dental crown restoration. Whether you have teeth which are misshapen, discolored, or gapped, dental crowns are an excellent fix to restore their appearance.

-Have you had a root canal? Root canals mean your tooth will be hollow inside making the rest of the tooth more open to fracturing. We use dental crowns to restore teeth and strengthen them to their full form and function.

-Do you have a large filling? When you have a large filling covering half of the width of a tooth, it can become vulnerable to fracturing. If you have a large filling and it is showing signs of stress, a dental crown will be an excellent choice in strengthening and supporting the tooth.

-Do you have a broken cusp on a tooth? Cusps on your teeth are at risk from breakage due to injury or even from a large filling which has weakened a tooth’s structure. The cusps normally handle the brunt of your chewing action making them susceptible to potential fracture and breakage.

-Do you have cracked tooth syndrome? A tooth may develop cracked tooth syndrome from a fracture within the tooth which hurts when you chew or bite down a certain way. Chewing exerts stress on the fracture lines resulting in pain. Placing a dental crown on the tooth will hold it together so that when you bite and chew the stress is spread out evenly on the tooth.

-Do you grind your teeth or have been told you have bruxism? Bruxism is the constant wear and tear on your pearly whites from grinding and clenching. This condition can result in your teeth shortening with time. Covering damaged teeth with dental crowns will once again restore their form and function.

Dental crowns have the ability to restore your smile for many reasons. To find out how a dental crown restoration can brighten your smile, please call 360-915-7353 in Olympia, Washington today. Dr. Eric Thiede and our team are excited to help maintain the confident smile you deserve!