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Although water flossers are designed for maximum effect, it is important to note that they are typically used as a substitute for threaded dental floss. Water flossers are designed to clean in between teeth, as threaded floss can, but with streams of water instead. For more information about water flossers, consider the following:

– When selecting a water flosser, look for ones that have been suggested or approved for use by your dentist to ensure the product meets acceptable safety and efficiency standards.
– Water flossers are a wonderful treatment for people who have had dental restorations and replacements in the past. This includes restoration treatments such as implants, crowns, and veneers as well as replacement therapies such as bridges and dentures.
– Water flossers are interdental cleaners that use solid jets of water to clean between teeth and wash away harmful acids, bacteria, and food particles.
– Due to their ease of use, water flossers are often considered more accessible than threaded floss for physically handicapped or impaired individuals.

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