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The risk of dental damage is always there. Even if you are giving your smile the best chance of optimum oral health care you can by cleaning your teeth and gums on a daily basis, a single blow to the face or oral accident could easily destroy your smile in seconds. With this knowledge, it is essential to make sure you’re applying basic preventive measures to keep your smile safe from accidents that can occur.

Protecting your smile has never been more important than when mouth jewelry is present.  Mouth jewelry, in the form of lip or tongue rings, specifically tongue piercings, may require oral health care treatments. This is because they often pose as tooth hazards and can severely damage oral health. Not only are they choking hazards, but they can also chip and crack teeth, cause infections, promote nerve damage, and even lead to severe bleeding.

Oral health care risks associated with tooth hazards can be minimized with the use of an oral device such as a mouth guard. For a highly effective and customized mouthguard, speak with your dentist or purchase a pre-formed, ready-to-wear stock guard at a local store. Mouth guards are designed to help minimize the effects of blunt trauma by reducing damage associated with tooth hazards.

Your teeth are not designed to chew through products like a grinder. Even if they were strong enough in the past to easily chew through hard products such as ice, they might no longer be able to do so. In addition, dental damage can occur at any time and can easily arise due to biting into hard products. To avoid chipping or cracking your teeth, or even tooth loss, do not bite into anything excessively hard.

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